Our vineyard

Our family- owned estate is located on the slopes of Beaujeu Hills, historical capital of the Beaujolais Region.

We are running the activities of wine growers and producers for more than 3 generations.

The Bastide du Gamay has always aimed at improving and developing its vines offer, taking into great respect his customers taste and opinions.

We preciously kept a balance between a traditional know how and the news technologies, in order to enhance and promote the natural properties of our ground.

An unic grape variety

The vineyard of Beaujolais is right in between Lyon and Macon.

Backed on it’s west edge , on the last spurs of the Massif Central, it slowly slides to the East on the Saône Plain.

By growing on the slopes, the vine plants benefit from the sunlight and the brightness of its excellent exposure.

The nutritious granitic ground enhance the richness of the plants.


A unique vine plant

A unique plant is grown there : the Black Gamay with white juice.

It gives the whole area the origin of all local vintages of Beaujolais.

Once, they were named “petit Gamay” or “Black Bourguignon”.

Known for it’s resistance, it requires nevertheless day to day attention and care to keep it’s vigour and regulate it’s performance.

Where we come from…

A long and family story. The LIVET family owns the Domain of Beauchamp since 1935.

Since it’s foundation until now, a long route made of trials, stakes, labor, but also happiness and passion, has shown the way which is now followed by Cathy and Frederic, with talent and professionalism.

These are the basis upon which they offer you a selected range of vines.